Cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes

The cardboard tube is one of the most versatile products imaginable. It is as suitable for food as it is for explosives. At Scandicore Nordens Pappersindustri we have a wide selection of plant equipment. Minimum quantity of a customised production are 500 pcs with an innerdiameter 40 – 125 mm and a maximum length 0f 725 mm.


You can package almost anything in a cardboard tube. They are extremely versatile, and easy to adapt with different diameters and lengths. We have manufactured packaging for printed matter, screws, pens, sweets, t-shirts, glasses, belts, cornices, skirting strips and more. The imagination is the only limit.

For heavier contents, ends and caps with rivets and staples are available. For a  more exclusive alternative you can use a metal lid with a seamed metal bottom. If you want packaging made entirely of paper, we can make a core with a scored end with disc made of cardboard or PVC.

Patterns and colours

Looking good! If you do not want the tube in brown or white cardboard, you can choose one of our standard colours. If you want the tube even prettier and more appealing, we can spiral-wrap printed paper (pre-printed strip) with the colour or logo of your choice on the inside or outside. Another option is to mount a printed cover (a pre-printed offset sheet) on the outside. We just need an original, and then we take care of all the rest in accordance with your wishes.  Using metal lids gives a more exclusive look but you can also complete it with plastic lids which are available in most of the colours

Cardboard tubes

For winding onto

A cardboard tube may have to withstand a lot, for example being wrapped in roofing felt, plastic sheeting or aluminium foil, tape, labels, fabrics, plastic bags, rubber strips, etc. This means that the quality of the tube material, and hence its strength, must be adapted to the requirements and demands of the situation. Everything is dedicated to meeting your quality and economy requirements.