All good things come in threes. That is certainly true for our history. Three years are particularly important in the history of Scandicore Nordens Pappersindustri.


Two enterprising gentlemen started Svensk Pappersindustri Järnfors & Hall in a basement on Stenbockgatan in Borås. Things went well for them, and they soon outgrew the premises. Following a fire in 1944, the company moved to Sandared. Initially, they manufactured yarn spools for the textile industry. But as time passed, the number of orders and customers increased. Thanks to this, they were less sensitive to the decline of the Swedish textile industry in the late 70’s.

In 1996, the company was at a crossroads. The management decided to invest in purpose-designed premises, which they moved into in May 1998. The 10.000-m² factory is totally geared to core production, and prides itself on offering an enormous separate 1100-m² drying section. On moving to the new premises, the company was renamed Scandicore Svenska AB.


Some energetic entrepreneurs from Sandared submitted a registration application for a company, proposing: “…a company within the named municipality to manufacture paper products under the name Nordens Pappersindustri…”. The application was approved without any great fuss. Nordens Pappersindustri became a fact.

In the early years, customers came primarily from the textile industry. As everyone knows, this industry suffered setbacks in the late 70’s, and turnover declined. But when the wind of change blew, Nordens Pappersindustri found new applications for its cardboard tubes. They discovered that they had a product with unsuspected growth potential. More and more companies and industries realised the benefits of cardboard tubes, not only as packaging but also in many other contexts. The applications expanded, along with demand. And this trend has continued right up to the present.

In the late 90’s, the business moved to larger, newly renovated and more suitable premises in Sandared, about 10 km from Borås towards Gothenburg.


This is the most important year in our history. On 7 December 2009, Nordens Pappersindustri AB was merged into Scandicore Svenska AB. The name was changed to Scandicore Nordens Pappersindustri AB. It is no surprise that the companies got together. They share the same thinking, after all – everything to do with cardboard!